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Leveraging emotional intelligence “EQ” for superior business strategies

We help business owners optimize their business so they can reduce stress, increase profitability and experience the personal freedom they deserve.

Our leadership team draws from a vast array of experience. We’ve mentored over 130 CEOs, helping them navigate complex challenges, maximize growth, build lasting strategies, harmonize their teams, unlock resources and opportunities that they simply could not discover on their own. 

The unique processes we include leverage emotional intelligence. Understanding your “zone of genius” can help you uncover untapped opportunities and elevate your business to new heights by focusing on what you do best rather than getting bogged down in the mundane tasks of running your business.




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Client Testimonials

As an entrepreneur I was having trouble scaling my business in a manageable way. Since working with them, my company has tripled in gross revenues and I have been able to enjoy a greater work / life balance. They have the ability to get to the core of whatever issues are going on and partners with me to find a resolution. Working with them has been enlightening and a total game changer for me and the company I founded.

Pamela Myers

CEO and Founder

Working with them has been a game changer for me both personally and in my business. First lesson I learned was that it is the whole person that needs coaching, not just coaching for your business. They went the extra mile to get my own head straight first by asking "What did I really want in life as a whole?" and then structured my business to get exactly that. Their value came in by walking me through this and then continuing to help me sort through issues that only a Visionary business owner can have.

Sara Hanson

CEO and Co-Founder

EQEvolve created a cohesiveness between HR legalese, employer practicality, and employee expectations. They effectively resolved the conflicts that were torpedoing our company’s efficiency. In addition, the team was able to optimize our company’s likelihood for employee commitment and retention. Thanks to their service, we are beyond words as they are approachable and make the process of success enjoyable and easy to follow.

Dennis Duich

Managing Director

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